Banksy™ Cushions LIFE'S TOO SHORT

Year: 2019
Size: 30 x 30 cm
Signature: Unsigned
Frame: See description
Edition: open edition
Medium: Spray paint


original by banksy

Banksy™ Cushions

Are you fed up with soft furnishings trying to express feelings on your behalf? Then let these stencilled cushions make that clear. They come as a pair but might not match as they’re painted on what gets found in the charity shop.

Comes as a set of two.

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Short Description

BANKSY CUSHIONS simply state ‘Life’s too short to take advice from a cushion’.


Each set are unique and have been hand sprayed by Banksy in an art studio.



Banksy Gross Domestic Products LIFES TOO SHORT CUSHION

Banksy™ Cushions.

These cushions have been hand sprayed by Banksy with car paint, which means it almost certainly isn’t machine washable. In fact it’s probably not very wise to hand wash them either.

This cushion set is Unique.

Gross Domestic Product - where art irritates life.

they do not receive a COA from Pest Control office